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Halls close at PM, May 17, for graduates and pre-approved undergraduates. Food Service: Last meal served for non-graduating students is breakfast on May 14, Last meal served for graduates and pre-approved undergraduates is breakfast on May 17, Additional information regarding the closing of residence halls and end of the year preparations will be posted near the end of the academic year. Monmouth College offers significant awards for academics, talent, special achievements, and more.

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Last modified on September 9, by bergstromm. Social Media Facebook Instagram. Last day for students to submit incomplete undergraduate coursework to faculty for any Summer session Summer 60 Day Deadline. Change of grade form to be submitted by faculty. Of course this doesn't work for kids on the athletic teams or like Go9ersjrh's child who are in the band.

This year with the Wake Forest football game at home on Nov.

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Think dorms will be open Friday Jan 3, so that girls can go through rush but anyone can get back in at that date. Some kids coordinate sharing taxis to the airport. Pancaked replies 69 threads Registered User Senior Member. Only thing to keep in mind is there is no meal plan available on campus during Thanksgiving week, so returning early Friday, early Sat may be a little inconvenient for the student.

But otherwise it doesn't really matter. Fair number of people stay on campus for Fall Break. It's such a short holiday.

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How about Christmas. We are using skymiles reward tickets, so we don't want to wait for finals schedules. Would you go home Friday night or Saturday morning? I know there was one break fall?

Its totally up to the kid? There's no general rule for preferring one day over the other Gray Line. It was reliable and inexpensive. Once she moved off campus, she was on the other side of campus behind the Commons. Instead of walking across campus, she preferred to use a shuttle service.

I can't remember which she used, but it may have been In-Shuttle. The tickets were disappearing in front of our eyes so we felt like we should take advantage of the availability. Hope the dates are all good. Son may have to hang out in the dorms a day or two extra. Thank you for the shuttle info, kelsmom.

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I am going to bookmark those sites now. When I was in school you could request dorm access before holidays if you were going to be staying after they "closed" the dorms.