Essay comparing french russian revolution

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French and Russian Revolutions

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French Revolution Essay

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Are these essay examples edited? The middle-class, which had hardly existed in Russia until socialism was introduced, was also a major factor in both Revolutions. In the French Revolution, the middle-class, commonly know as the bourgeoisie was practically ignored by Louis XVI, made plans and organized, and then striking at the monarch and setting up their own government.

As for Tsar Nicholas, he refused to acknowledge the middle-class, whom were called the Dumas, making them disgusted with the way he rules.

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  • Hating the Tsar, the Dumas set up the Provisional Government in March which "established equality before law; freedom of religion, speech, and assembly; the right of unions to organize and strike; and the rest of the classic liberal program. Tsar Nicholas had abdicated peacefully enough, only wanting the best for his people and his own family. At the end of the Revolution, Tsar Nicholas and his family were arrested first by General Kornilov of the Provisional Government and imprisoned at one of their many palaces in the countryside.

    Later, the royal family was transferred to a small home in Siberia.

    French and russian revolution compare contrast essays - Consideration

    Differences A difference between the two revolutions is that the Russians had an unsuccessful "pre-revolution" in Both the French and Russian revolutions had similar causes but ended up with different results. Both of these countries had different internal factors which cause the results. Unlike Louis the 16th family, the Romanovs were not a threat to Russia. Once, Louis and his family tried to escape the clutches of the mob of Paris, but were caught when they had nearly reached Austria.