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Have you ever been pulled into a project and felt confused about the who, what, where, when, and why? The process of writing the creative brief itself helps you work through strategic questions that may otherwise go unanswered. Creative briefs can vary slightly in what they actually contain.

Some opt for more information; others are more condensed. Describe the project in one or two sentences. Boil it down to the basics.

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This gives everyone who might come into the project at any point in time a high-level understanding of what the project is. It also makes it easier to iterate on the project down the road. This can be simply a certain user persona or it can be a demographic outline.

Challenges of Creative Briefs

What problem is the project trying to solve? This narrows down why the project exists and why the company needs to do this particular project. Why are we doing this project? Make sure your goals are measurable and avoid setting too many. Stick to your one metric that matters.

We will create a comprehensive research report that aims to convert 5, new paid users by the end of How will success be measured? This sets the stage for how you will know if your project was successful or not. It also helps you understand if the project should be repeated.

Building an Effective Creative Brief Template

What are the general steps we must follow to finish the project? This is a good outline that can become a task template once the project kicks off. It also is a good way for each team member to visualize where they fit into the project. Who do you need to get this project done? This serves as a reminder to everyone that they need to be involved in order for the project to get off the ground. What is the due date for this project? This makes it easier for people to plan their workloads and get things finished on time.

How to Write a Great Creative Brief

How much can you spend on this project? You can also think of this in terms of hours devoted to this project. Aside from including the right information, there are a couple things you should also think about when compiling a creative brief.

A vague creative brief will often produce results that fall far short of expectations. When a creative brief misses the necessary specifics, significant revisions often arise which makes for a frustrating process for all involved. The goal is specific by identifying that you want to help drive new paid users. The creative brief is exactly what it says… brief.

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Click To Tweet. Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog? E-commerce research project intended to attract small business owners wanting to launch their own e-shop. If we shed light on the increased rate of success by simply having an e-commerce site, makers will be more likely to use our platform.

Once it comes time to plan and execute your creative brief, it's time to use Marketing Campaigns in CoSchedule. To do this, click a day on your calendar.

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  7. Click "Create Project. This will span across the start and end date of your project:. Now, add each component of your project by clicking on the plus sign in the corner of a given day on the calendar. For this project, let's say we'll have the following elements:. This blog post was originally published on Nov. It was updated and republished on Jan. This full-day workshop will help you get the kind of powerful creative work that builds your sales overnight and builds your brand over time. Led by the author of the critically acclaimed textbook, How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief , former ad agency creative director and corporate advertising executive, and college writing and literature instructor, this workshop guides you through the entire creative brief-writing process, from articulating your key objectives to crafting an inspired and inspiring single-minded proposition to best practices for briefing.

    Building an Effective Creative Brief Template

    This engaging, interactive workshop is packed with individual and team exercises, and examples of exceptional creative briefs and creative work inspired by creative briefs. Quite simply, this course will help you better optimize the creative process to improve your marketing effectiveness, efficiency and ROI. In short, it will help you be a better client.

    This workshop is for anyone, at any level, who is involved in the development of advertising. It is a great introduction for those new to the creative brief process and a welcome refresher for seasoned professionals. Plus two new approaches, both of which are required reading in a growing number of undergraduate and graduate programs in the US. He also served as the director of advertising and creative services at Asset Marketing Services Inc. He earned his B. He lives in Los Angeles.

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