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Employers judge applicants by their published work published, not just writing every day. However, she could be a self-employed freelance and see how she gets on. It is well worth researching what the reality is like before being set on a creative writing degree and career.

Last year he took the study abroad option and that was purely creative writing from Jan onwards.

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Like your DD he's written for years for pleasure, and prefers the creative writing side, so that option really suited him and may be good for your DD. He's also enjoyed the English lit side, though, and there are some good modules. Can't comment on Lancaster as no experience, sorry.

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At this point, she really is very keen on creative writing at BA level so despite all the risks and difficulties, I doubt very much that she will be persuaded otherwise, and we feel that doing this degree at a respected university and achieving high grades is worth it. It's good to hear again from Lancaster alumni who clearly recommend it, and I feel happier about it as it seems to be DD's preferred choice still.

Is he going into his final year now? How did he find the ratio of english lit to creative writing in his first 2 years? Just asked him - according to him it was two thirds lit and one third creative writing. Yes he would've preferred more creative writing, but as I said he did get purely creative writing during his study abroad time.

As others have said, if you can write you can write - and he just does so in his spare time. Yeah he's going into his third year. Coincidentally one of my other DCs considered Lancaster for a different subject, as it was rated very highly. I'm sure your DD will enjoy it - good luck with all the preps! Both sound like good choices in terms of the university. Lots of creative types stay on in Norwich after graduating so she might be able to explore her writing outside her course too.

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I have always heard of UEA as the mecca of creative writing studies. Specifically their MA course but presumably overlaps with lecturers. Consider which course is likely to have better links with agents publishers - I think it would be UEA. Do remember - and drill into her - that you really have to study other people's writing in great depth and master literary criticism to write seriously. We did really like Norwich when we visited and I think she'd be happy there, and I've heard too that often people tend to stay on, but then Lancaster was a surprise hit even though we visited on rainy and windy day.

Has she looked at Surrey?

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They do a 4 year course with 3rd year in industry linked to subject of study which is unusual for humanities. Although UEA does appear first when googling creative writing!

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  5. We went to Surrey open day and there was a lot of focus on employability although my DD wasn't sure she would like to live there, too similar to home town I expect but she did like the course. My DN graduated last summer with a degree in English and creative writing from Kent and had no problems getting on to masters courses in English literature at a number of Russell group universities. He's now on the job hunt and no ones queried the creative writing aspect of his degree even though he's not decided to go down that path. So although I don't have any advice on the institutions in question it might be worth having a glance at Kent as well.

    BatterednotBruised , yes we went to Surrey last weekend ironically she was born in Guidford but we moved to Bristol when she was 3 months old and hadn't gone back since! DrinkMilkAndKickAss great name! Although it sounds like your DN is doing very well and it's so nice to hear something positive re job hunting and creative writing best of luck to him btw.

    I will see if DD wants to reconsider and have a look at Kent. UEA does sound great and we loved the campus and the friendly bunnies we met there DD is just worried about not having enough Creative Writing modules in the first couple of years at the moment, and having too many English Lit essays and not enough time to just write she worries a lot about lots of things!

    DS is on holiday atm so can't really ask him until next Wed But I know that there are loads of modules that they can choose from if you look on the site it lists them and if they have a C then that is creative writing, L is Eng Lit and D is drama The first year marks don't count for the final grade of the degree IIRC and I know that they are really fluid in the LDC dept His girlfriend did quite a few creative writing modules and script writing modules and hers was always going to be a drama degree, she got a 1st, so think you choose the modules you like from all those available I think the best thing is to visit again and get her to talk to the staff and students.

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