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USC Supplemental Application. Total students: Average GPA: 3.

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National Merit scholars: SAT writing: - Supplemental Guidelines. Keeping the following basics in mind may prove helpful: When supplied with a topic or question to respond to, look for keywords and determine exactly what is being asked of you. A common mistake many applicants make is not addressing the topic they were meant to.

Take your time and revise as often as necessary. Concise sentences that get directly to the point and that are clearly understood are best.

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Make sure every sentence serves a purpose. If a sentence is there only to add to a word count it should be removed. Replies to: usc pharmacy program. December To get into the program, you have to have some pretty good scores and GPA.

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What kind of pharmacy exposure did you or other TAP students have? Thanks, LA.

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To be honest, I don't have a lot of exposure to pharmacy and any tips on getting some exposure would be appreciated haha Basically I had known since I was small that I wanted to get into health care and during my high school years I found pharmacy. So I started to look into the profession on the internet and spoke with a hospital pharmacist, my local community pharmacist, and a pharmacist involved in research who used to teach at USC and discovered that this profession would be perfect for me.

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That's pretty much all the exposure I have. But I did get a lot out of those talks with the different types of pharmacists and that combined with the internet gave me enough information to convince the TAP program that I knew what I was getting into. I'm not too sure about the other TAP students What do you think are the best ways to get some exposure?

I'd imagine that a job in the local pharmacy would do, but it seems that they all require tech licenses to work and no longer have on-the-job training like they used to. I guess I could volunteer at a hospital pharmacy if they accept volunteers, but I'm looking to make some cash as well.