Short essay on character is a long standing habit

On November 1, , around in the morning, an Englishman was sitting in his ground-floor apartment in Lisbon, finishing a letter in his nightclothes, when his entire building began to shake.

Good Habits Develop Good Character

The upper stories crumbled and fell; everything in his apartment was thrown out of place. The sky became dark with dust.

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The earthquake that struck Lisbon that morning was one of the worst in European history; it generated waves 20 feet high and killed 60, people in the city. The Englishman survived, saved by his hesitancy to immediately run out of his apartment in his nightclothes. This man is a character in a radio spot that Walter Benjamin wrote for children in , to educate his listeners about the earthquake.

By the same logic, though, repeating bad actions gradually cements vicious habits that make us morally bad. Cowardice, rashness, and gluttony also develop through repeated practice. To see if work really builds character, then, we need to ask: What do we repeatedly do at work? In the industrial era, repeating a few physical actions during a shift was the key to productivity. He writes that someone who had to perform every step of the pin-making process himself would struggle to make a few pins a day.

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Put him on a team of ten, though, and assign him only to sharpen the point of every pin that comes down the line, and he can contribute to the manufacture of thousands. But who do you become if you sharpen pinpoints all day long? Do you advance in virtue? Do you attain moral excellence? Work in the twenty-first-century service economy functions along the same lines as it did in the pin factory. Workers get morally conditioned in subtler ways, too. They were just as peppy, eager to please, and sweetly self-abnegating at home as they were in the air.

They repeated the script of subordinate femininity until they internalized it. Some business cultures actively reward backbiting and discourage the empathy many of us would say is at the heart of good moral character. The incentive is not just to work hard but to see coworkers as rivals and make them look bad. At Apple, people are putting in hour days.

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We attract a different type of person…. Someone who really wants to get in a little over his head and make a little dent in the universe…. Very rarely do we get a chance to put something back into that pool. I think we have that opportunity now. Of course, Apple eventually far surpassed the modest market value goal Jobs set for it in In , shortly before his death, it became the most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

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Reeve Indianapolis, IN: Hackett, , 91— God creates human beings to tend the garden. When they disobey him, he divides labor between the sexes and condemns them to a life of difficult toil. It means that work is about, vaguely, more. There is, indeed, more to life than money. We should applaud and not weep for the talented attorney who chooses public service over a career in corporate tax law. But the language of self-fulfillment even appears in rhetoric around low-pay, low-status work.

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Meanwhile, people whose work has undeniable social value—nurses, physicians, teachers—burn out at alarming rates. Shanafelt, et al. Their love turns to hatred. Their pursuit of purpose leads to spiritual barrenness. In a tragic irony, they go beyond themselves, but they end up feeling useless and unfulfilled. There are some who attain dignity, grow in character, and find purpose in their jobs. But their numbers are not enough for the promise of the work ethic to be anything more than a myth that keeps people working.

Short essay on character is a long standing habit

So what should we do? Repair the whole rickety heap of our work ideology? Push for transparency regarding the actions workers perform, and establish norms that they specialize less narrowly and have rotating duties? Set humane limits on service work and eliminate the pointless tasks most professionals do during the workday? These are all worthy short-term goals that would help work in America live up to its promise.

But making these changes would likely either reduce productivity or increase costs, leading companies to accelerate the rollout of machine labor in every aspect of their business. The changes would be self-defeating. Eventually, there would hardly be any jobs at all. A jobless future is not necessarily a bad thing. In so many industries, the tendency is toward the ideal worker becoming more and more like a machine.

Machines have no need for autonomy or privacy.

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They have no dignity. They have no moral character to be distorted and can repeat a limited set of actions forever. Work as we know it is going to disappear.

Maybe we should just let the robots have it and figure out a way to distribute the fruits of their labor admittedly, no small task. Our work warps us and burns us out—yet we report the highest employee engagement in the wealthy, industrialized world. It focuses on an extended study of a single case: the Crow, a Native American tribe who live on the northern plains. What happens when a culture ceases, but the people live on?

How do they understand what they do? How do they make judgments about what to do, or what to aspire to? I no longer have the concepts with which to understand myself or my world.

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I understood the other [elements of culture] in terms of their roles, but there are no longer any such roles.